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I love it but controls are too tough! 


Came back hoping to see this ported to GNU/Linux by now. :(

Nice graphic and nice gameplay

I love the Megaman Nes-Series so I played this little gem and I really enjoyed it! thank you Joseph!

Good game! I like it, even if the challenge sometimes outweighs the fun. The enemies have a lot of health for normal :-)

Good little megaman-like game,

i finished the game in 10min on my first try (normal difficulty),

and i tought it was quite enjoyable for a free game,

the mango aesthetics were nice, thank you !

this game is really awesome

MangoMan gameplay

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A bit simple and the jumping felt heavy at first(drops like a Belmont), but I enjoyed this game overall. Would love to see what a full length version would be like. "We have to defeat the evil Salsa Army!"

Have a video:

I played it till i got to the part with the blades on the walls. Too hard for me to survive so i gave up. I feel this game was too difficult for me. Some people like games to be difficult, but not really for me.

Little update: Added ZXC + Arrow Key Controls + fixed the falling block bug <3

Made a video -

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How do you change the controles so that you can use a gamepad?

Softlocked the game by having a disappearing platform reappear on top of me.

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verry good game made by one guy, ive tryed to make games in game maker, and its verry heavy to make something for your own, good job!, and i would recomend put arrow keys + z x, its more easy because the hands are sepatated, and there are a lot of games with those controls like Undertale, but it is your decision, GL.

really into the look and level design. played a little slow. Hope you keep working on it!

Please for the love of god use ARROWS + Z X

Worst keys ever for Keyboard! Why set such horrible keys? Can't even be reconfigured for custom keys. Why not use arrow keys for movement, z for jump and x for weapon like most games? Game makers need to setup some standard.

As in Megaman but Mango and with a graphic design rosily sweetened.