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hey, did you make it with Game Maker?

Short but overall a nice MegaMan game. I made a video if someone is interested 

Short but really fun, great gameplay feel, cool Megaman tribute


Good game, the knockback from opponents is hard

This game looks gorgeous! i wish there was a rom file that i could use. Love to feature this on my channel - I like reviewing retro games

Good Game

I love it but controls are too tough! 


Came back hoping to see this ported to GNU/Linux by now. :(

Nice graphic and nice gameplay

Deleted post

Good game! I like it, even if the challenge sometimes outweighs the fun. The enemies have a lot of health for normal :-)

Good little megaman-like game,

i finished the game in 10min on my first try (normal difficulty),

and i tought it was quite enjoyable for a free game,

the mango aesthetics were nice, thank you !

this game is really awesome

MangoMan gameplay

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A bit simple and the jumping felt heavy at first(drops like a Belmont), but I enjoyed this game overall. Would love to see what a full length version would be like. "We have to defeat the evil Salsa Army!"

Have a video:

I played it till i got to the part with the blades on the walls. Too hard for me to survive so i gave up. I feel this game was too difficult for me. Some people like games to be difficult, but not really for me.

Little update: Added ZXC + Arrow Key Controls + fixed the falling block bug <3

Made a video -

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How do you change the controles so that you can use a gamepad?

Softlocked the game by having a disappearing platform reappear on top of me.

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verry good game made by one guy, ive tryed to make games in game maker, and its verry heavy to make something for your own, good job!, and i would recomend put arrow keys + z x, its more easy because the hands are sepatated, and there are a lot of games with those controls like Undertale, but it is your decision, GL.

really into the look and level design. played a little slow. Hope you keep working on it!

Worst keys ever for Keyboard! Why set such horrible keys? Can't even be reconfigured for custom keys. Why not use arrow keys for movement, z for jump and x for weapon like most games? Game makers need to setup some standard.

As in Megaman but Mango and with a graphic design rosily sweetened.