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Cool game on all fronts (graphics, music, smoothness of the code, overall presentation). My only complaint was that, controls-wise, I didn't understand what the back key was for arrow-key-based play; the filled-in pound ("#") sign was confusing. I was never able to figure out what it was and had to resort to K.

what a great game!!! Thank you so much!!! Do you have anything else in the works similar to this? Or can someone recommend anything else like this on Thanks!

This is a great puzzle game. Sometimes easy, sometimes very tricky but very enjoyable.

Great work and thank you.

Oh my god this is the kind of puzzle game I love to design, I am so in hurry to play it and see all your system's complexity !!!

... And I'm not disappointed. I have played 60 levels so far, so enjoyable ! Maybe some levels are a bit easy and guide you too much to the right path, but the majority of them are, fun :)

I really would have love more real difficult and interesting challenges, like level 18 in purple world. Not complex,  but you have to change your mindset in order to succeed

I found some cheesable levels, I'll let you see here 
Level Green-14:

(1 edit)

And an other one,
Level Blue-17

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoy it :) good eye on Green-14! Blue-17 is on purpose tho ;)

Thank you very much! I have a question, what happened to the android version?



It's complicated but basically: Google removed it, and they've been quite vague about why they did that or what I can do to fix it. I've been very busy with other work/projects and haven't had the time to dedicate to figuring it out.

I want it back up on android but it might take a while. Sorry about that!

Thank you for the answer! mystery solved :)


Thank you for doing this.

No worries :)

What is the difference between the 31 MB file and the 34 MB file?


That's the Mac version. I hadn't tagged it properly by mistake sorry! It's fixed now :)

Your game is awesome. I love the simple yet hard to master concept. It is also beautiful and I'm glad I bought it. My son has already completed all levels and I'm really left behind.^^
I really hope this game gets more exposure because I truly think this is a gem ! Good job !

Thank you so much :) I'm glad your son enjoyed it!

Great game, I just loved playing it! 

I highly recommend the investment of buying it (it's cheap) but I also think a demos containing only the purple world would be great for advertisement.

One question though, when I'm using the arrow keys in the menu, which key is supposed to be the "back" key? I could find it so I resorted t switching to "ASD" to go back.

Thank you for playing! X is back when using the arrow keys :)

This looks really solid and right up my alley. Any chance at a demo?